Concert Across America to End Gun Violence


In September 2016, we were privileged to host the first Concert Across America to End Gun Violence in Congress Square Park, Portland. It was one of 150 concerts across the country being held to honor the victims of gun violence and their families.

Last year 5,225 artists at 350 events in 43 states came together to unite us through music.

At the inaugural concert in 2016, we lead a lineup of performers that included Gina Alibrio, Wes Covey,  Lyle Divinsky, Ronda Dale, and Pihcintu, Portland’s immigrant choir.


Concert Across America Against Gun Violence, Sept 2016, Portland, ME

The concert was co-sponsored by Maine Gun Safety Coalition, Maine Moms Demand Action, Remembering Darien and the Friends of Congress Square Park. Mayor Ethan Strimling spoke, along with the mother of a gun-murder victim, Judi Richardson, and Nick Wilson, executive director of the Maine Gun Safety Coalition.

Artistic director Deirdre McClure chose to anchor the chorale’s performance with the Lacrymosa from the Mozart Requiem, followed by songs that offered hope, including Harry Belafonte’s “Turn the World Around” and “We Will Remember Them” by Elizabeth Alexander, based on a Hebrew prayer.

We will again be part of the remembrance concert in September 2017.