Social Justice Partnership

Each year, the Sea Change Chorale partners with an organization that works on issues of social justice in Maine. While our primary goal is to raise awareness and funds for our partner organization at the annual spring concert, we also try to support their mission with service by our members. This may include personally volunteering in their program activities or assisting with organizational strategy and administrative needs. We also invite members from our partner organizations to join us on stage at the spring concert, which may include music (choral or instrumental), poetry, theatre, film, or art and design.  Our hope is to create community through artistic performance, and to strengthen the bonds of shared service in the name of social justice.  Read our Statement on Social Justice Partnerships for a more detailed explanation.

Spring 2017 concert with members of In Her Presence

Since 2014, our singing ensemble has worked with a broad array of non-profits in Maine that work in the areas of environment, housing and food access, anti-racism, immigration, and other issues within the social justice sphere. In addition to our annual spring concert, we perform mini-concerts throughout the year to raise awareness and funds for local non-profit groups. In our short history, we have provided assistance to Preble Street Resource Center, Good Shepherd Food Bank, Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, Maine Gun Safety Coalition, In Her Presence, and the NAACP.